We are a volunteer operated nonprofit organization formed to create awareness and educate our communities about EDS so that those affected may have earlier recognition and better care. We will be a resource and provide support to people living with EDS, their families, friends, caregivers, and healthcare providers. 

Earlier recognition and better quality of life for people in New Hampshire living with EDS. 

Meet Our Zebra Team

Left to Right: Lena Zerbinopoulos, Angela Shepard, Kimberly Pang, Tammy Andrew, Annaca Cook

Left to Right: Lena Zerbinopoulos, Angela Shepard, Kimberly Pang, Tammy Andrew, Annaca Cook

President | Board Chair

Kimberly Pang is a registered nurse with experience in family practice and home care. During her four-year journey to a diagnosis of Hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (hEDS) she thought a lot about how to help people who were having similar experiences – she wanted diagnosis to be sooner so that symptoms could be controlled early on to prevent or at least delay disability. Before onset of disabling symptoms, she ran cross country at NHTI and so naturally a 5K was the first awareness event she organized. With the support of family, friends, former cross country coaches and new connections, NH EDS Coalition was formed. 

Kimberly lives in Concord, NH with her funny and handsome husband, Maynard, and cats, Spike and Trix. She spends her time with friends and family, doing physical therapy, and watching Netflix when she needs recovery time. Since the summer of 2016 she has been volunteering at the Concord Homeless Resource Center and educating New Hampshire legislators about EDS and chronic illness. Most recently Kimberly has become the New Hampshire Rare Action Network Ambassador for the National Organization for Rare Disorders.   

Vice President | Vice Chair

Annaca Cook currently resides in Jaffrey, NH with her caring husband, Nathaniel, and sweet dog Copper. She attended Keene State College and graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design. Of most importance, she enjoys using her talents to make a difference in the Ehlers-Danlos community but specifically for the NH EDS Coalition and for the NH EDS Support Group.

It has been a long road for Annaca to find out what was “wrong” with her. She says at times the road seems more like a roller coaster but that she is trying to reflect on the situation she is in and what she is supposed to do. She recognizes a strong need for support, research, awareness and improvements in how EDS patients are treated and cared for within the medical community and is helping to make a difference.

Secretary | Medical Advisor

Dr. Angela Shepard has a background in emergency medicine, preventive medicine, public health, and in 2014 opened her own practice, True Health NH, in Contoocook.  More to come on Dr. Shepard.   

Board Treasurer

Lena Zerbinopoulos is the co-founder of Central NH Accounting Corporation. After spending over 13 years in various management roles in corporate accounting, she found that she was unreliable in the typical corporate setting. She opened the business with her husband in 2015 and continues to manage the company, part-time. Lena was diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome in 2016, after 20 years’ of seemingly un-related symptoms, affecting her heart, kidneys, bladder, joints and more. As the symptoms progressed, so did her quest of finding out why she was unable to function like her peers. With the diagnosis, came an online support group where Lena was able to connect with a lot of individuals with years of knowledge, including the other incorporators of the NH EDS Coalition. She looks forward to help assist the foundation in its’ efforts of gaining recognition for EDS and, ultimately, better care.

Lena lives in Weare, NH with her very supportive husband, Mark and two sons, Daimen and Nicolas. She spends most of her time trying to manage her symptoms of EDS as naturally as possible, while not letting them stop her entirely. Lena manages her clients’ part-time work, mostly with her husbands’ assistance. She is a published author, creative writer and dreamer. She hopes that the combination of passion for numbers and writing may help the NH EDS Coalitions initiatives. 

Board Advisor

Tammy Andrew lives in southern NH with husband and care-giver in training, William, two teenage daughters, Brianna and Fiona, and their furbabies, Faline, Sable, Billy Boss and TJ. She holds a bachelors in Physics from Mount Holyoke College, and a masters in Education with a focus on curriculum design and instruction for technology. Currently she teaches Computer Science in southern NH during the traditional school year and in MA during the summer. She also mentors other CS teachers online throughout the calendar year. 

Tammy's path to finding an answer to many generations of unexplained medical issues and strange genetic traits did not begin until the death of one of her sisters. Prior to that, she was raised not to tell others about being in pain, to refer to her joints as "triple jointed," not see a doctor except in extreme medical instances, care for dislocations and skin cuts on her own, and not bring up other strange traits with doctors because of the fear of being labeled as a hypochondriac or attention seeker. The coroner report for her sister listed cause of death as an aortic dissection due to Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and a handwritten note from the coroner to seek medical assistance for the family. Being the only one with medical insurance that would cover testing, Tammy jumped in and discovered a community of people living with similar issues. Her background in scientific research and comfort with many aspects of data and computing is helping her to sift through the layers of myth and mystery surrounding EDS and begin to find answers; whereas her educational background and love of teaching is driving her to help others understand, too.

Legal Advisor

Peter Wright, Jr., Esq. is a professor of law at the University of New Hampshire School of Law.

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